Affordable web design and website hosting for everybody

The World Wide Web has celebrated its twenty second birthday this year. In these years, the internet has become such an integral part of our day to day life.

So many aspects of our life have become completely dependent on the Internet. It has drastically changed the way people in Brisbane & the UK buy commodities and services these days. Seeing this significant change, today’s businesses have had to do a make-over so they can adapt to the modern world of internet marketing. A major step taken by them was creating their own websites.

Digital Issues: Web Hosting

The move to the digital came with a few difficulties however, the biggest one being deciding on which web hosting provider to go with… whether you’re in Brisbane or looking for a UK web host (see the top ones here), web hosting is still one of the first obstacles most companies face. There are so many hosts out there offering so many different features and hosting plans, that it can be overwhelming.

From amount of disk space, to security, automated backups, server resource allocation, etc. Choosing a web host can be a long process. Luckily, there are a few people that have researched everything for us and published top 10 lists of the best website hosting companies to choose from, you can find these hosting review collections both for the UK & Brisbane.



Why you should get a website!

In a survey done in 2014, it is clearly visible that more than 80 percent of the buyers do a research online before making a purchase. A lot of people in Australia go through the product reviews by the consumers and experts to make a decision to buy a product or a service. Websites bring all the necessary information about a product or a service at your door step.

In fact, in the UK (and Brisbane), businesses which don’t have their own website tend to suffer huge losses. This is the actual scenario in almost all the developed nations. It is equally important to have a responsive website as most of the people access the website from a mobile device. Also, in most cases, hosting a website is much less expensive than opening and maintaining a physical shop. The major advantages of having a website for your business can be listed as follows:

  • Websites are more affordable than a physical store.
  • Can reach a larger group of audience
  • No time constraints for taking consumers’ orders for the purchases.
  • Customers can buy the products at their convenience, which will increase the business.
  • The businesses can get a clear view about what the customers are looking for and come up with suitable products.

For the customers also, business websites have been a great boon. It makes the whole experience of purchasing a product or a service hassle free. The customers can now do a detailed research on various products available in the market and choose the best one according to their needs and preferences.

By optimizing the search engines on your website, your rankings will improve and thereby the business also increases proportionally. Creating a first impression has also become so much more important as the customers stay on one page only for a few seconds, and so it is crucial that the page provides maximum impact to the user.